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All data sources used until now for this project provide official data published by the corresponding government except for the Freebase data. The table below shows an overview of the data sources and their format, size, number of tuples and attributes.


US-Spending lists the expenses of the US federal government. It provides data about the contracted companies, the responsible agencies and the purpose of the spending. The listed sponsors are the responsible agencies.

US-Earmarks includes data of earmarks spent by the US government. Earmarks are long-term fundings for programs or projects. This source contains information about the responsible politicians and the recipients, which are mostly companies.

US-Congress provides information on all actual and former members of the US Congress. It includes also biographical information.

EU-Financial Transparency System (FTS) specifies all funds spent by the EU. It contains the amount of funds, the address and the name of the recipient and the funding agency.

EU-Parliament is the equivalent to US-Congress. It contains information about all members of the European Parliament.

DE-Party Donations is the German equivalent to FEC. This source includes data of the spendings German parties received from persons or companies.

DE-Bundestag contains information about the members of the German Bundestag.

DE-Agricultural Subsidies lists all German subsidies which are funded for agricultural purposes. Recipients are either persons or companies.

DE-Commercial Register contains all German legal entities that were electronically registered during the last 10 years.

Freebase provides a huge amount of user generated data. In this project, only data about persons, especially politicians, and companies is used.

New York Times offers news articles about people and organizations.